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CVO Fire is a UK based fireplace manufacturing Company established in 1999. Our range includes many styles of ribbon fireplace for use with gas, electric, wood or bio ethanol fuels. This web site is dedicated to our unique FIRE RIBBON® burner technology which was created by our Engineers in 2002. Since launching our unique range of designer ribbon fires we have received many awards and recognition with our ribbon fireplace designs now installed in properties around the World. Our range of ribbon fires includes four main gas burner sizes – FR1500, FR1200, FR850 & FR520 which can be used within a wide range of single or double sided enclosures. Our UK based designers can also create a bespoke ribbon fireplace using these CE and AGA approved gas ribbon burners.

Bespoke Fireplace using FR1500 Ribbon Fire Gas Burner

Bespoke Fireplace using FR1500 Ribbon Fire Gas Burner

Unique Features of our Ribbon Fires and Ribbon Gas Burners:

  • Minimum enclosure depth meaning they can be used in both new and old properties.
  • Minimum flue requirements – both the FR520 and FR850 can be used with a Class 2 chimney or with a 125mm diameter flue liner. The FR1200 and FR1500 – these very large fires only require a class 1 chimney or a 175mm fluel liner. (you will find most other fires on the market require a fan system (£1500+) or a 250mm or larger flue pipe – this adds considerable cost to the installation)
  • Thermostatic remote control – the handset will modulate the flame to optimise the heat in the room and to reduce energy bills.
  • Room ventilation (Air Vent) – both the FR520 and FR850 are able to be installed without an air vent.
  • Construction – our ribbon fires are designed as a complete package including all you need to complete the installation quickly and at a cost effective price. The fire is supplied to site as a cartridge pre-tested and set up. All that is required is a gas supply and chimney connection.
  • Design options – we have many material types, many design styles and the fires can be purchased as a complete package or a burner tray for use in bespoke fireplaces.
  • Call to discuss the unique features of our ribbon fires and how we can help you save on installation cost.

We are able to supply our fire ribbon gas fires to customers around the World. Use the Contact Form to request details and to receive a ribbon fireplace brochure pack.

This web site has been created to showcase our full Fire Ribbon® range of products and to highlight a series of customer installations from around the World. For more details of our unique range of gas, electric, wood and bio-ethanol fireplaces call sales on 01325-301020, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm.

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